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Lily Pishyk

Lily Pishyk, Contributor

Lily Pishyk is a 16-year-old student at South Broward High School that is passionate about a lot of things and has tons of interesting hobbies. She loves listening to different type of music depending on the mood that she is in. She signed up for this class because she took it online and she decide to change her online schedule to take it, at school. From this class she, expects to take her writing skills to the next level by writing many stories.

Pishyk is passionate about novels and reading. Her favorite types of novels are real life novels and fantasy stories. A huge advantage of Pishyk is that she has skills in writing, making it easier for her to write and publish stories. Writing has allowed her to express her self in her own ways. However, her weakness academically is science. When asked why she was struggling, Pishyk responded "Because sometimes it's hard to memorize the material."

Pishyk's music interest includes many types but her preference would be rap because it connects with her emotions. When she is not at school she enjoys sleeping and watching movies. Her favorite things to watch are classic movies, fantasy shows and comedy.

Pishyk loves helping others because likes making others happy because it makes her feel good. Pyshik would like to go back to her past to rewind the memories and to see how much she has change.

If Pyshik could travel the world, she would travel to Paris, Russia and Israel. If she had a superpower she would chose teleportation.

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Lily Pishyk
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