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Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez, Contributor

Luis Lopez is a South Broward High School student that loves journalism.

“I decided to take journalism as a class because I saw it interesting,” Lopez said, when asked why he took journalism as a class.

Lopez was born and grew up in Venezuela, but then moved to the United States at the age of ten. However, this move wasn’t easy on Lopez.

“The first year affected me a lot because I didn’t know how to speak English and I did not have that many friends,” said Lopez.

Lopez is a very enthusiastic and outgoing person. His favorite movie is "Karate Kid", his favorite food is filet mignon, and his favorite music genre is hip hop. He also has a hobby of playing soccer. He enjoys playing video games such as FIFA with his family.

Lopez loves to travel.

“I have traveled to Mexico, Argentina, and Spain," he said.

With Lopez being a student in high school, it would only be natural to face challenges. He says his greatest stresses and anxieties were when he did not know how to speak English while in school.

“That hardest thing about being a student was when I needed to speak in the middle of class,” said Lopez.

Despite the challenges that come with school, Lopez said that he is good at math and finds it quite easy.

People often have inspirations, and Lopez is no different. 

“I look up to a lot of people but my inspiration is Lionel Messi, because of all the things he has done,” he said.


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Luis Lopez