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Qynesha Pierre

Qynesha Pierre, Contributor

Qynesha Pierre is a sophomore at South Broward High School, where she writes news stories at home. She is very passionate about math because she wants to be an accountant,  Her greatest strength academically is anything with numbers. She struggles with remembering certain things which is reliable.

Her academic weakness is history, she spends 3 to 4 hours being on social media playing math games to test her skills

When she is not in school she either; sleep, watch Netflix , playing PS4 , eating sweets or playing on her phone.

One of her greatest fears which i am sure some of you out there can relate to are insects - any type such as spiders , big worms that wiggles, etc.

 She hopes to be a multi-millionaire, her role model is her mother because she quotes " we act the same".  In 10 years, she will like to finish traveling the entire world.

Pierre considers herself a cat person because she likes to her things in her own special way. She music that she listens is rap, r & b and hip-hop because she likes the beat and the lyrics.

Her favorite food will be a burger with buffalo wings and a bag of hot fires because " it is a good combination, who wouldn't agree", and her favorite color is red and the super power that she will like is invisibility because she could get away with it.

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Qynesha Pierre