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William McDonald

William McDonald, Contributer

William McDonald, a sophomore at SBHS who took journalism to fulfill a general elective.McDonald likes to go by Will but his full name is William.

He has lived all his life in Pembroke Pines and says he enjoys the stability of growing up in one city. Throughout his life altogether he's mostly traveled to Colombia and Georgia.

Some of his hobbies include swimming and reading. His favorite song is “The Bidding” by Tally Hall and his favorite video game is Mother 3.

 Unfortunately one of his biggest stressors include school. He was especially stressed last year at school whilst we were online due to COVID where he couldn't comply with due dates.

The biggest misconception people have about him is that they think he's mean due to his voice.

His most embarrassing moment happened when he was introducing himself in math class and stuttered while saying his name. 

The funniest story about McDonald's is that when he was three years old he got buzzed at a bar and grill with his parents. “I don't remember anything I heard this story second-hand but three-year-old me was more awesome than I could ever dream to be.”

“I kept dipping my pacifier into alcohol at a bar and grill on Saint Patrick's day when I was three,” said Mcdonald

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William McDonald
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