The Illustrious Life Of A Quarantined Teen


Deborah Cayemitte, Contributor

  Online classes, social distancing, fear of never leaving the house again. The new schedule for teenagers all across the world. Beginning in early March, teenagers are issued to stay home due to the Coronavirus. 

     As expected, many students are enjoying the long-winded break from school while others a re trying to cope with not being able to see their friends and the outside world. I have been enjoying self-quarantine.

     Quarantine is the state of being isolated to stop the spread of infectious disease. As a teenager, I never expected to be shut off from society. Typically teenagers are out on Friday nights, having sleepovers, or catching up with friends. I, however, generally am usually home. With quarantine, these things are harder to do. Not being able to go anywhere shut off are cooperative and social skills.

     My new schedule for quarantine includes waking up around eight o’clock to log in online classes, going back to sleep in actuality doing my homework around three to four pm, snacking, face timing, and texting friends, along with napping a countless number of times a day. I am a guilty party for doing these actions. 

     Aside from being at home, I am left bored in the house watching old movies, making thrillers, and spending time with families. 

    Quarantine may be unfavorable, but there are many positive outcomes about it. As a teen, I am a social butterfly. Even though some of us portray ourselves as introverts, we develop characters based on what and who we surround ourselves. Being self quarantined allows me to get to know myself more. Finding out what I like or don’t like. Typically our acquaintances subconsciously influence our decisions.

      Self-isolation also grants access to see who our real friends are based on us not being able to go anywhere. You may have a friend that you talk to every day, but as soon as quarantine ends, you never call them. They never text you. It makes you think, who are you surrounding yourselves with at times like this. Because frankly, for a rough eighteen years, school is all we know.

     Personally, the best thing about quarantine is catching up on non- academic hobbies and building up strengths I never knew I had. In perspective, quarantine is treating me well, and I never felt so well rested in my life. I am keeping busy by spending time with my family and taking lovely walks around my neighborhood. There are a variety of ways to pass the time during quarantine: board games, home exercises, creating new things, and finding different hobbies.

    There are also downsides to quarantine, although talking to some teenagers, overeating, and online classes seem to be the number one cons. Some people eat because they are bored. We buy food that we don’t even eat because it is available.







  Personally, the problem I have with online classes is the amount of work I’m receiving each day. Work on top of work on top of work. But, much gratitude towards the teachers who make it easier by doing zoom lessons, provided there email to ask questions, and be there when you need them. It’s a tough time for everyone, including school staff and their families. Most teenagers outside of home schooled one, do not have much experience self-learning without being in a classroom. 

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Also, having zeros without seeing the assignment in the assignment box with understanding. Being a part of honor classes or dual enrollment worries me about my academic future. When will they take state tests, Cambridge exams, or SAT’s?

Seniors who are supposed to graduate in 2021 have the short end of the stick. Senior year is “supposedly” the best year of high school with Grad bash, senior breakfast, graduation, and prom. The school staff is trying everything they can to make their senior year just as memorable.

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After this quarantine, no matter what, nothing will go back to how it used to be. Whether it is a person or the environment, for good or bad, everything will change. It’s your world. We’re just living in it. It’s times like this that we realize how important it is to come together as a group to comprehend better what is happening to our world.