New Lacrosse Team at South Broward

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New Lacrosse Team at South Broward

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Lacrosse has become the newest sport added to South Broward High School with their first game being some time during the spring.

“Walter Johnson will be the head coach for the lacrosse team, [Johnson] is an expert and knows many things on lacrosse,” said coach Bray

“This season hasn’t begun yet so there are no players but there are many people asking for forms to join and are waiting for tryouts to begin,” said coach Bray

“We started lacrosse because Mrs.A  saw a middle school with equipment of lacrosse and she said lets give it a try,” said coach Bray

“Some of the new teams will be facing are South plantation and a few other start up schools,” said coach Bray

“The jersey colors will be the same as any other sport red and gold to represent our school and the bulldogs,” said coach Bray. The equipment which is needed is Body pads, helmets, and a lacrosse stick. Lacrosse sticks measure between 40 and 42 inches and is used by attack men and midfielders. There are also long sticks about 52 inches that can only be used by 4 men on the field, those being the deference men.

“Lacrosse is a demanding and athletic sport for teens,” said coach Bray

“The first game will be a great game but I don’t expect us to win, I just want the team to experience and get the hang of the brand new sport,” said coach Bray

“Just like any other sport, what makes a good player is discipline, commitment, dedication and being humble. That is what makes a good team lacrosse team player,” said coach Bray

Lacrosse is an athletic and active team sport that provides good exercise and competitiveness. 10 players start on the field and they play for 4 quarters that are each 12 minutes of passing, carrying and shooting the ball into the goal. Lacrosse is also played with protective gear like in football to protect the players from getting tackled real bad and getting severely injured. Lacrosse was originally played by the North American Indians back in the 17th century then french settlers christened and adapted and raised by Canadians. This game is now played by millions of people around the world in many middle schools, high schools and colleges.