SBHS Student Wins Sun Sentinel Contest For Best News Writing


Ethan Lacouty, writer for The Bulldog Bark and winner of The Sun Sentinel’s best news story.

Dylan Montesi, Staff Writer

SBHS Sophomore Ethan Lacouty won the Sun Sentinel’s Annual High School Journalism contest for Best News Writing.

Lacouty wrote a story about overcrowded buses at South Broward High School, some of them packed with more than 70 students in a bus built for 50. 

“I felt like the story needed to be addressed because it was such a big safety and comfort issue among the students at South Broward,” said Lacouty.

The story was published on on March 4, 2020. It is also featured in issue three of The Bulldog Bark newspaper.

“The hardest part about writing the story was gathering all the information and making sure all students had their opinions voiced properly,” said Lacouty. “It was very important to me to get many students’ viewpoints on the issue since it directly impacts them.”

Along with Best News Writing, other categories in the contest included: Best Feature Writing, Best Sports Writing, Best Editorial Writing, Best Photography, Best Layout/Design, Best Social Media and Best Overall. South Broward was up against strong competition in the contest. Other winners included newspapers from Majorie Stoneman Douglas, Alexander Dreyfoos School of the Arts and Pompano Beach High School.

“I’m very honored to be selected for the best news story by The Sun Sentinel and could not have done it without the help of my adviser, Mrs. Mayorga and Elliott Ortiz,” said Lacouty.

 Normally, the winners would be granted the opportunity to tour the Sun Sentinel’s printing press, see newspaper critiques by professional journalists, and other exciting activities, but due to the coronavirus pandemic the winners will be mailed a plaque instead.

“I am disappointed that I will not be able to take the tour,” said Lacouty. “Experiences like those are once in a lifetime, but this pandemic has put everything to a halt and rightly so.”