A New Addition to South Broward, Women in STEM


Jada Richardson

President and founder of Women in STEM poses with the owner’s mom of We Rock the Spectrum, a kid’s gym that stimulates all seven senses and provides a safe place for children in the spectrum.

Angie Jaramillo, Editor

As a young woman interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), It can be hard to fit in a field predominantly run by men. That’s how it was for Jada Richardson, an SBHS junior. Richardson has an undeniable love for her technology and engineering classes, but felt alienated and talked over. This growing loneliness sparked a motive to organize Women in STEM. 

I started the club because I don’t want other girls to feel the same way I did when I was first interested in STEM,” said Richardson. 

Although founded later in the school year, Richardson has many goals and accomplishments for this daring club. 

“One of my main goals was to help the girls with career and college readiness,” she said. “I think having the knowledge of the industries they’re interested in and having the end goal of a specific college will give them the confidence and motivation they need to be successful.”

Another main goal she and her members strive on is to promote inclusivity.Though, the club is targeted to women. Richardson wants to show others how to include everyone. By doing so, Women in STEM volunteered during Autism Awareness month at We Rock the Spectrum, a kid’s gym that provides a place for children of all ability levels to play. 

“This non-profit dedicates their efforts to creating a safe space for people who happen to be a little different from others,” said Richardson. “Their cause truly resonated with me and I immediately called the owner to ask if they needed any help.

Richardson mentioned that her members lend a helping hand in an instant and expressed that she was grateful and proud of her team for dedicating their time to volunteer. 

“It was so much fun helping out the children in the daycare,” said Christina Horvath, 17, member of Women in STEM. “They were all so sweet and I had a joy playing with them. I would definitely do it again.”

Despite the school year coming to an end, this won’t be the last time you will see Women in STEM aid others. 

“Since our club just started late in the school year we weren’t able to participate in as many activities as we wanted to, however we plan to change that next year,” said Richardson. “ Some of the causes we want to contribute are cancer awareness months, food drives, and volunteering at homeless shelters.