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Amy Caceres

Amy Caceres, Editor

Amy Caceres is a 16 year old senior at South Broward. She’s been living in Florida since she was 9. Caceres left her whole family, including her dad, in Panama, where she used to live.

"I miss my family everyday but I know I have more opportunities here," said Caceres.

Caceres’ culture is such a big part of her everyday life. Including what meals she has and the people she talks to. Her favorite thing to eat on a bad day is soup with potatoes and either beef or chicken, specifically made by her grandma.

Her family has many animals, but Caceres only has two pets, Bruno and Willow. Bruno is a cute, tiny Maltese, and Willow is a black and white bowtie cat. Willow is super energetic and always jumping around, while Bruno lays around all day, just like Caceres would on a Saturday.

Weekends for Caceres would include going out with her best friends or watching TV. Her favorite show to binge is New Girl.  She also loves to read, swim, and write.

"I spend almost everyday with my friends, they're literally family at this point," said Caceres.

Journalism captivated the 16-year-old, as she loves photography, writing, interviewing interesting people, and so much more.

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Amy Caceres
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