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Amy Caceres

Amy Caceres, Editor

Amy Caceres is a 16 -year old junior at South Broward High school who has returned to journalism for the second time to get more in-depth with writing. For the past four years, she has been studying photography, but writing is her main interest. This year he hopes to write about more interesting stories.

Caceres is outgoing and friendly, everyone thinks of her as extremely sweet and approachable. They love all forms of art, whether it be performing, drawing, or photography.  Caceres joined the drama club her freshman year and is now Vice President. Their love for art is something she’s taken to the next level. She is most likely going to study Psychology, but musical theater is still on her bucket list for things to do in life.

Before they even knew what lyrics meant Caceres was very passionate about music, as it's something that she has been around since they were little. She is from Panama, and her family likes to dance at parties, so she’s grown up around all kinds of music. Their favorite dish made by her Panamanian grandma is Hojaldre with meatballs.

Sometimes she struggles with school because of social anxiety. She has been able to come out of her shell a lot more over the past few years, but they still struggle a bit.

“I don’t do well in a non-classroom environment, as I barely learn anything, but being by so many people gives me a lot of anxiety,” said Caceres.

Despite facing some hardships here and there, her motto is to focus on yourself before others.

The best piece of advice they've gotten?

“Don’t care so much about what other people think," Caceres said. "Their opinion of you has more to show about them than it does you."

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Amy Caceres
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