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Ethan Lacouty

Ethan Lacouty, Editor

Ethan Lacouty is a 17 year old senior at South Broward High School, and it is his fourth year with The Bulldog Bark. Lacouty enjoys the company of his friends and family. He finds stability having lived in Hollywood, Florida his whole life.

"I was able to grow up with my childhood friends, the same neighborhood, home. Everyone knows you," says Lacouty.

Lacouty loves to travel. For years now, he has had plans to travel to England, France, and Haiti. England for its history, France for its monuments, and Haiti for his family. He has also traveled to a variety of different places already such as The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and Mexico.

These are his dreams, but his day to day life is studying hard in school, which he finds stressful. He works through that stress by repeating the mantra: "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

"This motto has always motivated me to keep up my work ethic and reminds me that talent needs to be worked on or else it won't get you anywhere in life," says Lacouty.

He jokes, however, that the hardest part of being a student comes back to staying awake during class. With journalism he has been able to connect with other people and the world through writing.

"Sometimes I just have no motivation doing homework," says Lacouty. "Whenever I get to write freely though, it always comes easiest to me."


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