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Ioni Jacks, Contributor

Ioni Jacks, a 16-year old junior that frequently moves around a lot from state to state and has been attending South Broward High School since the end of freshman year.

Ioni was born in Texas and lived there until she was six years old and came down to Florida. After that, she spent most of her childhood moving back and forth from Texas and South Florida where she has been living for about two years now. Although some may think it’s fun to be in new places every few years, Jacks finds this irritating.

“Having to move into new areas gets really annoying," she said.

Jacks aspires to be a criminal investigator when she is older because she likes the idea of it. She does plan on finishing school and going to a good college in order to study and become one. She also enjoys solving tricky problems. Jacks' biggest inspiration for this is her dad.

“My dad inspires me because he never gives up,” said Jacks.

 Jacks is in the photography with Ms. Mayorga because she enjoys taking pictures and editing . She’s also interested in volleyball as a hobby and likes to play often with friends. Jacks usually hangs out at the beach with friends during her free time to relax and enjoy her time away from anything that keeps her busy. She finds herself always taking photos whenever she's out and enjoys looking back at them after a while.

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Ioni Jacks
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