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Mikah Combs

Mikah Combs, Photographer

Mikah Combs is a 17-year-old senior at South Broward High School. Ever since she was very young, she has had a love for taking pictures. That long for photography brought her to take multiple photography classes, including photojournalism.

Combs grew up in the same house for her entire life, located in Hollywood, Florida. She believes this has caused her to dislike change.

Aside from photography, Combs' hobbies include rodeo, volleyball, and figure skating, a sport she competed in for ten years. One of the hardest decisions she has made was giving up skating to be able to play volleyball.

Her favorite music genre is country, as that is what she was raised on.

Combs is one of the many students who has a hard time with not being in class.

"Looking at a computer screen can be very damaging to the eyes, and I already have bad vision," said Combs.

She hopes to go back to school soon, so she and her friends will have a senior year and possibly a volleyball season.

Combs and her family have a shared motto that they live by: "Be yourself and don't let anyone change that."

In middle school, Combs really cared about what people were saying to her and behind her back, and that motto carried her through that hard time. Now, she is true to herself and doesn't listen to the negative comments.

"I just want to live the best life that I can. I can't do that when I listen to the people who give me hate" Combs said.

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Mikah Combs
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