Ask Nina


Hi Bulldogs! My name is Nina. If you have any questions or problems, don’t be afraid to text me at 954-367-9296. It’s fully anonymous. I’ll be waiting!

Dear Nina,
Ever since I transitioned into high school, I’ve been struggling with fitting in. Can you help?
Dear Reader,
Most people feel this way when transferring to a new school.
Try joining a club or sport. South Broward has a lot of extracurricular activities that involve getting to know other students and some bonding. You can also try making friends in class and make plans with them outside of school.
The most important thing is to always act like yourself and not somebody you’re not. Don’t feel pressured.


Dear Nina,
I had a friend for four years, but when we got to high school, we stopped talking. What do I do?
Dear Reader, Most friendships fall apart when you enter high school. Try reaching out to them, make plans, make some small talk. I hope it’ll all work out in the end, but why did they stop being friends with you? Did something go wrong or did you guys drift apart? It all depends. But if you miss them, try and make an effort. If nothing is happening and they don’t care, try making new friends. Talking to other people and branching out never hurt anyone.


Dear Nina,
How can I stay affordable, but also be an amazing significant?
Hey reader,
It’s great that you’re trying to be an excellent significant other. You can always DIY cute gifts and buy little chocolates or candies that don’t cost that much.
If you’re looking for an affordable date, you can always take your significant other on a picnic. You know, pack a blanket, a bunch of snacks, and make sure to find a really cute spot.


Dear Nina,
My ex is dating my friend. I’m worried he might hurt her as he did to me. What am I going to do now?
Dear Reader,
If you’re scared he might hurt her, try and have a civil conversation and warn her. But please, don’t make it seem like you’re trying to break them up. That’s the last thing you want.
If she doesn’t listen, let their relationship take its course. She’ll figure out soon enough whether your ex is a good or bad significant other.


Dear Nina, I have boys in my class that keeps saying mean things to me, and I’m getting tired of it. What would be the best thing to do?
Dear Reader,
You should log all of these things in a notebook or on your phone. Like who the boys are and what they are saying. When you have enough information, please go to your guidance counselor and talk to them.


Dear Nina, my grades are failing tremendously, and I’m only a ninth grader. It’s the third quarter how I can fix this?
Dear Reader,
Go to tutoring! Tutoring is your best friend. There are many tutoring sessions after school that you can sign up for with your teacher or on remind. Or, you can make a study group with some peers and get together outside of school.