Ask Nina


Dear Nina, I’ve finally gotten in contact with my father. I’m angry but happy.I honestly don’t know what to feel. What do you suggest I do?

Dear Reader, I’ve felt what you’re feeling before. It’s okay for you to be angry, but try to give him a chance. All parents have their reasons why they weren’t able to stay in contact with their children. I suggest you try not to hold any grudges against him, and instead enjoy that he’s here for you now. Not many people are able to see their’s, so don’t miss your chance on being truly happy. Talk to him about how you feel, and don’t be afraid to express what you’re really feeling.

Dear Nina, I’ve recently gotten into an argument with my mother. It feels weird now. What should I do?

Dear Reader, remember no matter what your mother does or says, she is the woman who brought you into this world with love. She will always love you regardless of any circumstance.You may disagree with her sometimes, but that doesn’t change the fact that she cares and wants the best for you.Go and have a meaningful conversation with her. Let her understand how you’re feeling so you both can resolve the problem. Mothers may be strict with on their children sometimes, but that’s just because they want their children to be the best versions of themselves.

Dear Nina, do you need to take thinking skills to get an AICE Diploma?

Dear Reader, Yes, sorry but you need to take every required course to be guaranteed an AICE Diploma.