SBHS Seniors Face Off Against Teachers in Kickball


Alec Boiangiu

All the seniors celebrate Kristopher arroyo home run at the kickball came.

Joshua Riley, Contributor

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. And on Friday, April 4, thankfully nobody lost an eye. However, SBHS senior class of 2022 lost the annual faculty/staff kickball game by one point.

“I feel pretty good,” said Hector Orellia, SBHS senior, “It’s all for fun.”

As the seniors were stretching on the field, cheering was heard from the students as teachers approached the field. Mr. Alfredo kicked the first ball to start of the game.

In the first inning, two SBHS seniors manage to lead the game by 2-0 against the teachers. Player #00 managed to run across all bases scoring the seniors their first point. Player #6 managed to get seniors their second point due to Mr. March failing to catch the ball. By now, it was time r the teachers to switch to offense.

During the second inning. Coach Beneby kicked out of bounds and wasn’t able to get to first base. Mr. Trays made up for this and managed to get a point for the teachers making the score 2-1. Mr. Morales managed to tie the game 2-2 for the teachers.

This third inning, Luke Valenches, Captain of the Baseball team, along with Orellia and player #26  all managed to get 3 points for the seniors making the official score 5-3. The teachers and staff started to get more serious. Mr. March managed to catch player #6’s ball before he was able to run to first base. SBHS staff then moved back to offence.

By the last inning, students were rooting for either side. Mr. March scored the teachers a point as well as several other teachers. Mr. Trace and Mr. Sierra followed behind him. Mr. Morales dodged the kickball as he was running from third base getting the teachers another point. Ms. Nicki got a strike and Ms. Cerra was unable to get to first base as her ball was caught by one of the players. The score on the teachers side was n0w 7 with students at 5. Mr. Langston unfortunately slipped and fell before reaching first base just before the ball hit him.

“You know, the sun was in my eye and I may have fell 1 or 2 times, but it’s all apart of the game,” said Mr. Langston.

After a lot of plays the teachers ending up beating the students 8-7. Teachers were high fiving each other while students were all laughing.

77% of the school came out to support their friends and favorite teachers. Every person there enjoyed themselves and had fun.

“A lot of plays were called in favor of the teachers but I believe we all had fun,” said Valenchas.