You Don’t Want the Crumbs at Crumbl’s

Amy Caceres


Amy Caceres, Editor

If you’re bumming about the random searches that happened on campus, there’s a new place to stress eat your sorrows away, Crumbl, the bakery that specializes in gourmet cookies. They just opened up a new branch in Oakwood Plaza. 

I walked through the arch of pink balloons around the door and was greeted by fifteen or so employees applauding my entrance. A warm welcome, made even better by the smell of freshly baked cookies. I got the four cookie sampler, that includes: The Brownie Batter, Cookie Butter, Sugar Cookie and The Churro Cookie. 

But, I came to get my sugar rush and the obvious place to begin was the sugar cookie. The cookies were presented very nicely, they looked soft and felt warm. My mouth was watering in anticipation, but I practically choked on my own saliva when I had to fork over fifteen dollars. For that I could’ve gotten three Taco Bell breakfasts, or two entire Happy Meals. I took my first bite of the sugar cookie and was absolutely disgusted. Check out my video, my face says it all, YUCK! It was practically frozen, and so bland. 

Batter up for number two: Brownie Batter. It tasted wonderfully of chocolate goodness. Where the sugar cookie was hard to bite into, this one was soft.  Yet there was nothing about it that screamed “cookie.” lt was just a plain brownie, not ever a cookie. It upset me that Crumbl couldn’t come up with a more creative design, like calling it a sort of mud cake and putting gummy worms in it. 

They say there’s always a better butter, but not for Crumbl’s Cookie Butter. Think of taking a bite into a cookie that smells and looks amazing only to find that the best tasting thing on the cookie adds barely any flavor. The butter drizzle looked amazing, but there was too little. If you asked me I’d rather eat a biscoff, at least those are more flavorful.

I always save my favorite for last, so here it is..The Churro cookie. It was the only cookie I really enjoyed. Based off of the Spanish classic fried dough with cinnamon and made to be dipped in hot chocolate. The cream on top of the cookie was sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. The presentation of it was nothing huge but jeez did I eat the whole thing. It reminded me of being in Panama, going out and finding a stand on the side of the road, begging my parents to buy me a churro. 

After getting Crumbl Cookies I went to McDonalds and got myself a happy meal. Their chocolate chip cookies looked good, but then I would have to get the six cookie sampler box. I would go back if one of their cookies looked really good but for now I’ll stay at home.