SBHS Alumni Returns as a Security Guard

SBHS Alumni Returns as a Security Guard

Ayla Kayan and Ariela Brody

It’s the job of a school security guard to know the halls of the school. But SBHS security guard Lamese James knows the halls of her school better than most. That’s because she’s patrolling the halls she used to hang out in as a student. Born and raised in Broward County, she is familiar with the local school system because she’s been through it herself. 

“I’m an alumni here. This is home for me,” she said. 

According to James, when she attended SBHS in the early 2000s, it was the place to be. She said that back then, the students participated in many fun activities, such as busting up junk cars to release anger and showing off skills in talent shows.

“We used to have a bunch of activities, like lively things,” she said. “One thing they may not know about South Broward is that we were the school to be at.”

Before taking the security job, James used to teach elementary school at several schools in Broward County–even teaching P.E., her favorite subject.

But, she took the security job because it was a position that kept her within the school system. As a single mother of a SBHS student, she was grateful for this opportunity. She loves interacting with the students and being a positive influence in their lives. 

“That’s what I enjoy most–being able to interact with the students and being able to motivate them in other ways besides telling them to get to class,” she said. 

Although she deals daily with fights and behavioral enforcement, teaching physical education has always been her passion. She relishes the opportunity to advise students about living a healthy lifestyle. Currently, she is considering applying for the vacant P.E. coach position at SBHS. 

“That’s why I want to go back to physical education,” said James, “As soon as the opportunity comes that’s what I’ll be doing.”

She believes that the students and teachers treat her with respect, despite the fact that some aspects of being a security guard aren’t always optimum, like being out in the sweltering heat and dealing with the possibility of a bomb or weapon. According to James, security guards should be paid more for the work that they do. 

“God forbid, we are the first responders to the situation,” she said, “You want us to be in the line of duty, not as much as the officers, but you don’t want to bump up the pay.”