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Ayla Kayan

Ayla Kayan, Editor

Ayla Kayan, 15, is a 9th grade student that attends South Broward High.

Kayan grew up in the Hollywood Hills with her two siblings, Leyla and Eren. She would say that she has a very good relationship with both of her siblings but she is closer to her sister.

“I'm closer to my sister because she's older, like more mature. My brother is only 10 so we're not as close.”

Kayan and her family are active travelers. Kayan has traveled all over Europe and has recently visited Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

Kayan would say that growing up they had a fairly normal childhood. She grew up being quite active in sports. 

“I've done a lot of sports growing up but I’ve mostly stuck to Volleyball.”

Kayan expresses her love for the sport by joining South Broward girl's volleyball team. This is quite impressive due to the high standard that South Broward holds their sports.

“I feel like it's a very important and a great achievement for me,” Kayan says.

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Ayla Kayan
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