Interactive Career Fair: A Student’s Guide to the Workforce


Students are inquiring about SBHS Little Broward program.

Ayla Kayan and Ariela Brody

South Broward’s Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders club hosted a career fair featuring numerous professionals and industry certifiers. Approximately 200 students attended to gain knowledge about the different types of careers showcased.

Presenters included County Commissioner Beam Furr, Kosmo Beauty owner Kamishia Bracken, SBHS athletic trainer Anthony Baldocchi, and filmmaker Paolo Mugnaini, just to name a few.

The event kicked off with panel-style interviews with the guests. Then, students were given the chance to break out and talk to anyone who sparked their interest.

“I came to the fair to learn more about a specific area in health,” said SBHS junior Gabrielle Mogene. “I wanted to know what people actually experience in the workforce.”

MTL club sponsor, Ms. Street, created the career fair with the aim of educating students about more advantageous job options.

” I have a big heart for empowering students,” said Ms. Street. ” So whatever I can do to help the students understand all of their options, I will do.”