Sculpting at South Broward


Gillian Fletcher

A senior at South Broward works on her final trapunto project on April 13th. Drawing, painting, and stitching together a design of Disney characters. Time and patience is required for detailed projects, such as this one.

Gillian Fletcher, Editor

Calculating equations, writing compositions, taking detailed notes – most students would rather play in the mud. Some students at SBHS are doing just that – in sculpting class.

Unlike an average math or English class, sculpture provides students with a relaxed atmosphere, encouraging them to create and work using their heart and imagination. Students are given the chance to truly bring their art to life by working with clay and other materials needed to create a sculpture. Although students are taught the simple principles of design and elements of art, the newly added Sculpture program has developed a sense of freedom when it comes to creating art pieces.

Marc Clement, a senior at South Broward High School, says he loves taking sculpture.

“It has inspired me to be more creative and focus on my art,” says Clement.

Marc’s art is inspired by the world around him. He does not believe his art reflects him entirely because his work is constantly different.

“I tend to pour my emotions into my art projects, which creates a very diverse artistic style” said Clement.

The program is taught by Jennifer Shapiro. Ms. Shapiro decided to become an art teacher because it has always been her favorite subject in school, her elementary school art teacher inspired her passion for art and creating. Shapiro started teaching art in 2007, at Everglades High School. She started working at South Broward last year. Ms. Shapiro says she loves being in charge of the new sculpture program, she enjoys watching her student’s imagination come to life when building and designing their art. Ms. Shapiro does not force a specific artistic style on students when creating any sort of project, they are given the freedom to express themselves in everything they create.

Valeria Montanez, a senior at South Broward High School, says her art depends on her mood. She does not limit herself to one specific artistic style. Her surroundings and things that catch her eye are incorporated into her art. Valeria says each piece of art she creates is a reflection of things that interest her. Sculpture has made Montanez expand her horizon in the art subject, learning new skills while creating 3D models has only widened her love for art.

The arts bring energy and creativity, a kind of learning that can only enhance every other kind of learning. Teachers like Ms. Shapiro and classes like sculpture are designed to inspire and spread creativity. Express yourself through your art. Create emotions on paper and shape them into clay.

“Coming to Sculpture is the best part of my school day!” said Montanez.