2017-2018 Staff

George Hinkofer


George is a sophomore at South Broward High School. He recently transferred from Sheridan Technical High School as he felt the move would benefit him academically. Though George did not sign up for the class, he is open to exp...

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kelly surniak


Kelly's personality is sometimes mousy but she has a marvelous out look on life. She owns 5 dogs that are all old age and a cat that is friendly and delightful. She took journalism because she had it last year and thought it...

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Adrianna Mitchell


This is Adrianna Mitchell, and this is her senior year at South Broward High School. What interests her about journalism is writing. She signed up for this class because she felt as though it would be interesting considering the...

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Karla Reyes


This is Karla. She's a transfer student from championship academy. Although she cant draw, art is very important to her. She loves going to art galleries and observing unique pieces. Her favorite kind of is abstract art. She loves...

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Deborah Cayemitte


Deborah is a kind, hardworking, 9th grader from South Broward, who took journalism because she wanted to try something new. She is a very passionate about keeping her grades up and hopes to be on the honor roll. Her role model...

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Juan Flores


This is Juan Flores he is in 12th grade at South Broward High School. Juan loves social studies, music festivals, and animals. His favorite music is electronic and alternative music. Juan aspires to become a professional coach...

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Valentina Nazzar


Valentina is a freshman who loves to write. She is very friendly and enjoys hanging out with her friends who call her val. In ten years, Val sees herself starting her journalism career, happily in New York. Val is very chill with...

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Gillian Fletcher


This is Gillian Fletcher, she is an 11th grader at South Broward High School. She's a very a passionate person and very dedicated to art and music. Her future goal is too be anthropologist and to travel the world. Gillian is a...

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Deondre Greene


Deondre Greene is in the 9th grade and likes photography. In ten years Deondre wants to run track in the Olympics. Three places he would like to visit are California, Hawaii, and Dubai. His greatest strength academically is ...

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Madelynn Vega


This is Madelynn Vega, she is a senior at SBHS. Madelynn enjoys writing and dancing. She works to support her family and herself. The three places that she could visit is Hawaii, the Bahamas, and Paris. She likes R&B music...

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Daniel McClymont


Meet Daniel McClymont, a 16-year-old who goes to South Broward High School. Daniel has a couple fears, but his biggest fear is failing high school. Some places that Daniel plans on visiting are New York, Los Angeles, and Egypt...

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Emma Rogers


Meet Emma, a young, vivacious French Canadian new to South Broward this year. This sassy sophomore enjoys swimming, color guard, and meeting new people. Emma decided to take journalism because she is a passionate writer. She partakes...

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Renata Hernandez


Renata is a 14 year old freshman at SBHS, who took journalism because she loves photography. She aspires to be a dentist and in 10 years she sees herself in New York completing dentistry school. Her dream is to go to Paris to...

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Alisha Missick


  Meet Alisha Missick. She’s a 9th grader at SBHS who’s expecting to further her knowledge in photography here in journalism.  She’s passionate about her schoolwork, and her greatest academic strength lies in reading....

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Dynasty Dias-Maxwell


Dynasty is a freshmen who joined the bulldog staff at her mothers suggestion. She looks up to her parents because they've taught her most of her life skills, like street-smarts and common sense. She is Brazilian and can speak...

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Lisyanet Bertot


This is Lisyanet she is a junior, her interest about journalism is photography. Her passion is fashion, her strength academically is English and her weakness is science. When she’s not in school she loves to go to the beach....

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Riley Kozak


Riley Kozak, a new staff member at the Bulldog Bark, at first didn’t have any interest in journalism, but after some research found it intriguing. This junior’s claim for fame is basketball and he hopes to one day meet his...

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Zakiyyah Mobley


  South Broward senior Zakiyyah has a unique interest in fashion, she has a love for writing and editing. Zakiyyah has experience with journalism from her past years of High School and Middle School where she learned to...

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Janice Brown


Janice Brown is a senior at South Broward High School who enjoys writing and playing basketball. Janice is also a member of South Broward's Varsity basketball team.She rotates between the four and the five on the court. She loves...

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Taylor Scirghio


Taylor is a freshman at South Broward high school. Her goals are to be happy no matter what life throws at her. Academically her greatest strength is English, along with that she plans to keep all her grades up that will lead...

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Samantha Ruiz


This is Samantha Ruiz, an amazing writer who hopes to do well in high school and dreams to become a journalist. What interested her in journalism was that she’s very passionate about writing. Although she is good at many things,...

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Juan Gaviria


Juan is 15 years old and he’s a freshmen at South Broward High School. He was born October 21st and his zodiac sign is a Libra. His favorite sport out of all is basketball. In 10 years from now, he hopes to be in the NBA be...

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Kayah Garbutt


Kayah is an intelligent, extremely creative, ninth grade student. She loves music, and enjoys studying world history. Kayah plans on attending college and aspires to become a CSI detective. She loves reading comics and could listen...

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Isabella Yzusqui


    Isabella is a young journalist who is very passionate towards animals and getting to know people better. She loves helping people who needs it most. Isabella loves journalism because she says her father and...

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Jake Anderson


Jake, an intelligent, ambitious,highly confident freshman joined Journalism at SBHS for web design and graphic-design. He knows he can do what he wants if he puts his mind to it. His favorite  color is  green and he would  enjoy visit...

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Yalisbel Betancourt


Yalisbel Betancourt is 14 and she doesn't like classical music. Yalisbel went to Paragon Academy for middle school. Her favorite color is blue, and she likes basketball. Yalisbel likes to be on her phone and loves dancing. Sh...

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Deander Phillips Jr.


This is Deander, better known as "Ketchup", because his uncle's name is "French Fry."  He's an all around athlete who plays football, track ,basketball, soccer, and baseball. He wants to be in the NFL someday, he wants to be...

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James Prudhomme


James is 14 and his favorite color is blue. Lil uzi vert is his favorite rapper.and he doesn't work .He also plans to join the YMCA. His role model is God, and his favorite animal is an ape he doesn't dislike any type of music....

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Yunior Vidal


Yunior Vidal is an 11th grade atheist who aspires to be a cold case detective and hopes to be a well working citizen. Journalism is what his brother motivated him to join and wants to improve his writing with the help of this...

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Zaria Green


Zaria Green is an inspiring lawyer with a passion for dance and basketball. You can catch her "repping" the Golden State Warriors and singing r&b ballads in her free time. She admires Marilyn Monroe for her confidence and self...

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Harolyn Maldonado


Harolyn Maldonado is a 14 year-old freshman at South Broward High School. She was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her passions include playing volleyball, reading, shopping for clothes and putting together fashionable outfits. O...

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Liam Waite


Liam Waite is a freshman at South Broward High School. He joined the bulldog staff because he's intrigued by investigative journalism. Liam is passionate about marine toxicology and is working towards getting accepted to a...

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Ryazia Allen


Meet Ryazia Allen, a freshman at South Broward High School. She signed up for this class to get out more and write. She feels that her greatest strength academically is reading, on the other hand, her greatest weakness is math. ...

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Charles Vaynshteyn


Charles is a freshman at South Broward High School. He is in journalism because it is not as boring as debate. If he could have one superpower it would telepathy. His favorite subject is AP Human Geography, and his least favorite...

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Emily Jean


Emily Jean is a 14-year old freshman at South Broward High School. Emily chose Journalism to learn how to take better pictures. Emily strongest subject in school is Language Arts, but her weakest is Math. When Emily isn't in school...

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Vanessa Cramer


This is Vanessa, she's on her second to last year at South Broward High School. What interests her about journalism is creativity. She signed up for this class because she realized that she has a voice and wanted to try something...

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Kayla Monroe


Kayla is a 15-year-old sophomore at South Broward High School. Her passion is basketball, and she plays when she's not in school. Her favorite color is red and most of the outfits she wears will have red in them. Kayla's usually...

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Barney Folger


Meet Barney Folger, a junior at South Broward High School. He just recently transferred from Key West, where he worked on Key West High's school paper, the Snapper, as a political editor. He enjoys writing, especially in a sarcastic...

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Aslin Santiago


Meet Aslin Santiago, she’s a sophomore here at South Broward High School. Journalism interests her because she likes interviewing people, and moving around instead of being stuck in one spot all class. She’s super passionate...

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Wilkeria Crawford


Meet Wilkeria Crawford a 9th grader at SBHS who loves to read and take pictures of people. Wilkeria goes by the nickname of “Keria” it’s a name her mother came up. Her greatest strength academically is reading, and her greate...

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Kira Glass


Kira Glass is a well known junior in South Broward High School. Kira is recognized for her happiness and kindness to her fellow classmates and teachers. Kira enjoys playing soccer, drawing, and listening to music. Music inspires...

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Alexus Sweeting


Alexus is a very independent, fun-loving girl who loves to dance, and aspires to be a chef one day. She is a very emphatic person. Alexus likes to get to know people more and has a creative side in which she likes to design clothes,...

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John Gomez


John Gomez is a music aficionado who writes his own lyrics and took journalism to stoke the fire that burns within him-writing. His worst subject , math , is the polar opposite of his passion that drives with not a hint of wr...

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Lorraine Perez


Lorraine is a ninth grader at SBHS, who considers herself to be a very independent person. She joined journalism because she wanted to help with the school newspaper. She’s very passionate about getting to know people. Lorrai...

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Wallace Williams


Wallace Williams is a sophomore at South Broward High School. He didn’t choose to be in journalism but he hopes to improve his writing abilities. When he’s not in school Wallace enjoys running, playing basketball, and his...

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Nia Jean


Hey, meet Nia Jean. She has a strong interest in journalism and loves photography. She's a passionate about helping other people and is a member of the Key Club, the high school community service club. She's very empathetic when...

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Jasmin Suarez


Meet Jasmin Suarez, a ninth grader at South Broward High School. Jasmin aspires to be an actor, but her other option would be to become a real- estate agent or a teacher. Jasmin is passionate about photography which is one of...

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Luz Cruz


Luz Cruz is a junior at South Broward High School. She likes to hang out with her friends and do Martial Arts. Writing, photography, and web design are all things that interest Luz about journalism. Although she was just placed...

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Jordan Long


Jordan Long is a freshman at South Broward High School. She is interested in literary arts such as reading and writing and her favorite author is Cassandra Clare. When outside of school, you could either find her reading a book...

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Kendall Haas


Kendall Haas is a freshman at South Broward High School. Her passion is gymnastics, and she has been doing it since she was seven years old. Kendall’s greatest academic strength is math. When she is not at school or at the gym...

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Maseli Cenou


Maseli Cenou is an 11th  grader who is new to South Broward High School. She is very passionate about drawing and dancing and has recently joined South Broward High School’s color guard. She’s not sure what she wants to do...

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Katlyn Porfiris


Katlyn Porfiris is a 14- year-old freshman at South Broward Highschool. She joined journalism because she likes writing and photography. Photography is one of the things she is most passionate about. One of her greatest strengths...

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Jullianne Gallo


Julianne Gallo is a 9th grader at South Broward High School. She's looking forward to interviewing interesting people and writing current events like sports. Her favorite things to do when she is not in school are sports like swimm...

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Kayla Fahsang


One of our many new freshmen here at South Broward High School is Kayla Fahsang. She is an eager student who would love to learn more about graphic design during her course of journalism. Ten years from now you can find her living...

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Emily Tetreault


This is Emily, future author and guidance counselor. She is a freshman coming from Paragon Academy who has high hopes to succeed at South Broward High School. She aspires to become just like her mother- a strong and independen...

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Niva Joseph


Meet Niva, a current 9th grader at South Broward High School. She took journalism this year to learn more about how to perform interviews. The freshman enjoys reading books and social media posts. Niva is excited to take journ...

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Azul Romero


What Azul hopes to be doing in 10 years is to be a boss of a business company and to own her own beauty salon.   Azul likes to consider herself an independent person because she likes to do things herself, and at her...

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Gabriel Moran


Photography and web design are the things that interests Gabriel in journalism. He signed up for this class to learn more about photography. He’s passionate to learn a lot of new things this year. Gabriel strength academically...

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Jordy Navarro


Here is the life of Jordy Navarro, he is 16 years of age and is in 10th grade. He has recently grown a interest in journalism as a way to get out of his comfort zone. Soon after, he had Journalism added as one of his classes wit...

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Cristian Mongrut


Cristian is a 17 year-old senior at South Broward High School. He joined the bulldog staff to further understand the subject of journalism (mainly writing). In the future he aspires to be a successful businessman. Cristi...

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Morandi Mansingh


Meet Morandi Mansingh, a 15 year-old sophomore at South Broward High School! Her interest in journalism is writing and she signed up for this class because she found it interesting. She is very passionate about beauty and fashion....

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Waynne Deatherage


Waynne Deatherage is a creative and humorous 11th grader. With a pen, she can write intriguing and delightful stories. Her passion for writing has helped her excel in English and composition. Waynne took journalism to help fuel he...

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Chris Dumitru


Christian Dumitru is a 10th grader at South Broward High School, who is not employed. His dream is to play professional soccer and one of his biggest fears is dying. He enjoys playing video games when he is not playing soccer....

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Patrick McIntosh


Meet Patrick McIntosh he is a Freshman at SBHS, and he is taking journalism. Even though he didn’t sigh up for journalism he still has an interest in the writing portion of it. His greatest strength is reading but his greatest...

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Erick Marrero


Erick Marrero is a freshman attending South Broward High School. When he is not in school he enjoys sleeping, playing games like Gundam, and going outside. Erick is currently unemployed, but in 10 years he sees himself working...

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Desley Perez


Meet Desley, a fun-loving volleyball player who aspires to be the best person she can be. Although she didn’t have a choice in joining journalism, she is choosing to see the positive in the situation and is going to use this class ...

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Sophia Vazquez


Sophia Vazquez is a sophomore at South Broward High School. She is an outstanding student, who is working on the school newspaper. In school, her greatest weakness is math because the process is hard to understand. Vazquez takes...

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Nicole Lindahl


Nicole Lindahl is a freshman who likes cacti and would never be caught dead in khakis. In her free time outside of South Broward High School, she likes to make video edits, play basketball, and read. Journalism wasn’t her first...

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Sofia Culotta-Louzan


    Sofia is a freshman at South Broward High. She loves photography, writing, and graphic design. She considers herself to be independent and has a lot of common sense (which is useful), even though she may be...

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Kaliana Hutiu


Kaliana Huțiu is a freshman here at South Broward. Inside school, she enjoys writing and studying world history while outside of school her hobbies include drawing, playing the violin, and reading dystopian and myste...

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Andrej Petreski


His name is Andrej Petreski and he is a very enthusiastic journalist. He is senior and SBHS. His favorite foods are jelly beans and ice cream. His hobbies are eating food he's never eaten before and sleeping when we need him the ...

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Rooney Martin


Rooney Martin is a 9th grade student that attends South Broward High. He likes to play video games and shoot ball at the park sometimes. Sometimes when Rooney isn't home he is traveling to St. Thomas where so of his family resides,...

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Destiny Scala-Nunez


Destiny is a talkative, outgoing senior who loves using social media. She struggles with math and is amazing at english. She is Jewish and is very passionate about her religion. She is also a vegetarian and loves eating healthy...

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Max Neuberger


Max is a junior at South Broward High School, who joined journalism because his academic strength lies in writing. He enjoys volunteering at the Marine Environmental Educational Center, where he gives tours to guests and takes...

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