Spraygrounds at SBHS


Julia Gillman, Editor

Popular backpack company, Sprayground, has caused a phenomenon around schools nationwide, within those schools includes SBHS. While walking through the halls, you will not fail to see tons of students wearing these colorful, unique backpacks. The sensation has piqued interest in students and teachers, including myself.

The functionality of the backpacks has seemed to be the most noted feature.

Senior Janai Walker states “my backpack is very convenient, I can use it for anything and bring it anywhere,”

When asked part from school functionality what else it has to offer, Walker explains how she can use her bag for everyday things in her life, stating “I can use it for anything, I put my laptop in there and even my work clothes,”

With this being said, these bags don’t just have functionality, they have style and a unique aesthetic that separates them from other bags around campus.

Many students talk about how their bag has a unique style, with Caya Welker, a 9th-grade student saying “In the light, my bag is holographic, I thought that looked cool,”

But these bags aren’t just holographic, they come in a plethora of styles, including the cracked screen style or the “designer” style, which are both sophomore, Brendan Oneal’s preference.

All of these different styles of Sprayground bags have put them on the scene, with them now being considered “streetwear”, which is defined as “casual clothing of a style worn especially by members of various urban youth subcultures.” The popularity of streetwear, now being affiliated with these Sprayground bags, has created social pressure to purchase them, with many students around school stating that they feel pressured to buy them to “fit in” with the new trend.

Freshman Chance Ignacio-Suarez says that “The design is fire and everyone had one and I felt left out and kind of obligated to buy one,”

Although these backpacks have the aesthetic, functionality, and uniqueness, they come with a price tag. Sprayground lists their backpacks from $45-$200. As expected, design and performance can be seen in the range of prices.

“I’d dropped nearly $300 on 2 Spraygrounds this year,” said Junior Marquees Johnson.

Despite the higher price range for a bookbag and the social pressure that comes with the Sprayground trend, students around South Broward and around the country continue to buy these bags for their versatile combination of style, utility, and status.