The Thrills And Chills Gets Real


Sophia Reyes

Inside Chills and Thrills

Logan Christian, Contributor

Thrills and Chills Haunted House is an annual event produced by the drama club and advanced technical theater classes at South Broward High School in October. The actors really enjoy being a part of this production every year 

This production was filled with scares on ever turn and really intrigued its audience. Every year they reuse lots of lights and prompts, to save money.  

The money used from the haunted house goes to other productions throughout the year such as their spring production. In the Halloween production you have different areas from many shows and movies such as “Us,” “The Ring”, “Stranger Things”, and school stories the one this year about a boy named Henry.  

The first scene was on “The Ring”,in this section there are lights constantly flashing soon there is woman comes running from the curtains screaming, so after another comes quickly following behind her with a pair of scissors and two share a fight and 1 woman is stabbed while the other is left running away in terror.  

Then as you continue to different sections you have people in mask and in costume with makeup coming and screaming and guaranteed to scare the living day lights out of you.  

Another scene is on “The Ring”, a woman comes from around a big box TV on her hands and feet with her dark hair in her face crawling at you while another woman similar to her is looking at her guest getting really close in silence.  

There was even a scene based on a boy named henry that went to South Broward High School and died writing his name on the top of the auditorium. in the scene there were 2 boys 1 told the story about henry and how he died while another was writing henry at the top of the auditorium and falls. The boy telling the story was the ghost of henry telling on the story of his death.  

As you walk to the end of the haunted house there is a dance from the dance production on the music thriller were the dancers are in ripped clothes and have blood on them as they continue dancing. As you leave the house you see a girl on the table screaming to leave and never come back while another man in dark clothes is appearing next to her with a chain saw as she screams in pain. 

“It’s a lot of fun and it like a nice bonding because of all the new people that are coming so like it’s a nice way to bond and have fun” said by Susana Simmons apart of the event 

“This was our most successful haunted house physically speaking” said by Victoria Mejia co-president of the drama club 

The haunted house was a lot of fun for the people that went and everyone that was a part of it.