Innovative Career Fair


Ariela Brody, Editor

On Thursday, January 12th, SBHS will host its first ever Innovative Career Fair, featuring many companies, business owners, and industry certifiers. Sponsored by SBHS club Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders (MTL), the fair will give students the opportunity to learn about different career options in industry categories such as health, beauty, and wellness; real estate and public service, along with education. As well, there will be representatives from industries that require certification, including in design, media, tech, and entrepreneurship.

Club sponsor  Ms. Nerissa Street introduced the idea to her club after she learned that many of her students were working in low-paying, hourly-intense jobs without much opportunity to grow career-wise. One of the main purposes of the event is to inform students about their career options. 

“I have a big heart for empowering students,” said Street. “So whatever I can do to help the students understand all of their options, I will do, and until I can’t do it anymore.”

The fair will be held in the media center. Doors will open at 9:00 am, and begin with presentations from participating career specialists. At 10:00 am, students and presenters will break-out into focus groups to learn more about the specifics of the various career options and to provide networking opportunities. 

Some of the participants already have a tie to the school, such as Ms. Acher whose class offers a personal training certificate. Or, if a student is creative, they can earn a certification in various Adobe Creative Cloud programs from SBHS Media Design teacher Ms. Macedo.

In recent years, many jobs have evolved, such as those in the tech industry. Another purpose of this fair is to inform families about these up and coming jobs. 

I want kids to be able to talk to their parents intelligently about their career options so the parents don’t think ‘Oh, you just want to be a Youtuber,’” said Street. 

To attend the fair, register at the Eventbrite page. Only students who reserve a spot will be able to participate, so sign up soon because spots are limited.