Rubio Changes His Opinion

Marco Rubio, Republican Senator

Marco Rubio, Republican Senator

Daniela Garcia, Editor

Senate Marco Rubio is still looking for a way to stay in the NRA good graces while adhering to what people have to say about gun control.

Last Friday, Governor Rick Scott passed a bill that enacted several restrictions on gun purchases. One of them being an age requirement where only people older than 21 could buy firearm weapons.

Rubio seemed to be all in with the bill as he showed his support in the CNN report last month. What’s really contradictory to me is that after being asked once again about the act, he went back on his word by saying that “…some rifles should be available to 18-years old.” Now, I may not be the most political person put there, but it seems like Rubio does not want to lose face with either the NRA nor the public, which makes me doubt the role he is going to have in the future related to gun control.

As his biggest argument for defending the National Rifle Association, Rubio has point out that no gun control legislation will stop mass shootings. If a person’s mind is in doing harm then that’s what he or she will do. This is true to some degree, as in today’s society people can get their hands on anything illegally but at the end of the day I believe everyone wants some type of law that may help prevent a 19-year old to get a semi-automatic rifle without any problems.

Rubio has received around 3.3 million dollars from the NRA and was awarded an A+ from the association and this is why I find it hard to believe that what he is saying and doing relates back to his morals and beliefs. It relates to the money and all the support he has receive due to them.

Now I wonder what side he will end taking. I guess time will tell.