Prom During Covid-19


Keiyla Mite holds up her prom dress

Hope Silverhardt, Photographer

Pretty dress. Check. High-heeled shoes. Check. Corsage. Check. Mask. Check. Mask? If you want to attend any prom in Broward county, this is just one of the requirements.

Despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, South Broward High School will be holding a prom for their seniors. The school is implementing strict rules for the students to follow to ensure the safety of everyone attending the event.

The prom will be held on May 22nd, 2021, in the big gym at the school. Those attending prom are required to wear a mask for the entirety of the event. There will be “pods” of eight people, in which each student will receive a colored wristband and must remain with others who have a coordinating color.

After an outcry South Broward High School students are now able to attend, at first, it was only the school’s seniors who were able to attend, but that was quickly changed. With many rules in place, there may be a low turnout to the event in which last year’s seniors begged to have. If this is the case the event will have to be canceled.  

SBHS Senior Keiyla Mite wasn’t going to go at first, but since pretty much all of her friends are going, she decided to go as well.

I don’t like how we have to remain in a pod the entire time, but the mask part isn’t so bad,” said Mite. She’s not sure if she’ll go to any after-prom events. “Only if it’s outdoors so there is some form of social distancing,” said Mite.

SBHS Senior Ariana Miranda will be attending this year’s prom. She will be attending after-prom events.

“I am going to have a get-together after prom,” stated Miranda.

SBHS Senior Mohamed Samara will attend prom. “I want to make the most out of my senior year,” said Samara. Even though there are new rules set in place for the event this year, they do not turn him away from wanting to go. “I honestly don’t mind the prom rules, we’ve had similar rules in place for over a year now,” he stated.

SBHS Senior Renzo Zumaran will be going to prom since most people he knows will be attending. He will be taking a date to prom. “I am going to bring my girlfriend as my date to prom,” said Zumaran. He will also be attending a party after the prom.

SBHS Senior Tiphanie Olowu is going to prom this year. She does not mind the new rules set in place. “The rules are really not that bad, to be honest,” stated Olowu. She is not going to bring a date to the prom. “I’m going to prom with a group of my close friends,” she said.