Vaccine or No Vaccine

Richard spending time with his family and his daughter.

Richard spending time with his family and his daughter.

Camila Chang, Contributor

Richard Gomez is a former believer that people shouldn’t take the Covid-19 vaccine and that it will just be a hazard to humans.  

“This vaccine was just made too quickly,” said Gomez. “I just feel like this was rushed.” 

While sitting down and having a talk about politics and the daily news a topic that came to mind was the Covid-19 vaccine. Many people around the world are considering not taking the vaccine due to their own beliefs but recently Gomez was having a conversation with his family and friends. 

“This Covid vaccine is very dangerous. I’ve heard from friends that have received the Covid vaccine and one of my friends received the first and second dose, two days later we find out she is on the verge of death,” said Gomez.  

Gomez has always wanted to back up his research, whenever something is interesting, he’s always trying to find answers and recently he’s been reading articles and more stories and from family experience. 

“Carlitos and his friends have to take the Covid vaccine but since Carlos doesn’t want to take it either he wants to stay home for the remainder of the year,” said Gomez. “I want my kids to be safe and for now I want them to stay home at least for now.” 

His son wants to wait to take the vaccine until it’s the right time where it’s mandatory. 

“For now, we’re taking big precautions: we’re washing our hands and staying home until it’s necessary to go out,” said Gomez.  

 Gomez thinks it’s still not safe to take the vaccine due to the amount of time it took for the vaccine to get made. His son is staying home and taking all necessary precautions and will only go out when it’s needed.